Army Public School, Ranchi

“Quality Education & Character building”



For the proper interaction between Parents and Teachers for desired results in education of the children, the school organises Parent's-Teacher's meetings after every examination. All parents are requested to attend the meetings.

Maximum co-operation between the guardians and the School is very essential for securing the desired results on education to the children. This can be attained on the following guidelines and observing a few rules and regulations.


1. A progress report of the child is issued separately and is sent to the guardians periodically to enable them to know the progress of their wards. They are requested to sign and return it within three days.

2.It is the duty of the guardian to see daily that his ward has done the home work given to him/her and that he/she brings the books and the note books to the school as per his/her time table. They are further requested to note and sign the instructions issued by the teachers from time to time and ensure their compliance by the child.

3. Guardians will see that their children come in proper school uniform.

4. Parents/Guardians & Visitors are not allowed to walk into the class rooms or meet teachers during their teaching period. They should see the Principal during the visiting hours. Meeting with a teacher can be arranged by the Principal.

5. Avoid absence of your ward from the class on mere social functions, for it retards student's progress.

6. By taking proper interest in the progress of your children, parents are expected to co-operate with the school by enforcing regularity in attendance, work and discipline.

7. Private Tuition is strictly prohibited in the Army Public School. Parents are requested to help the school to do away with this evil.